The webshop 4x4products.shop is part of Veth Automotive B.V. Veth Automotive is the official pick-up accessoire distributor of Mountain Top and Roadranger products in the Netherlands. We have accessoires for both standard as extended pick-ups. Examples of the pick-up accessoires are; hardtops, containers, tonneaucovers, roll-covers and sidebars.

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Hardtops are available for non-extended pick-ups and offers a variety of applications in both business and leisure. The high quality hardtops ensure an elegant appearance for your pick-up. The hardtop offers the possibility to transport your loads safely and will protect them as well. If you are wondering whether a hardop is suitable for your pick-up, you can contact our sales department.

In our webshop 4x4products.shop you can find several hardtops for your pick-up.


The tonneau cover is designed to keep the bed of your pick-up safe, dry and clean. The tonneau cover is made of durable aluminium diamond plate and has a load capacity of up to 100 kg. The tonneau cover is placed with a hinge system so that the lid can be removed quickly and easily without the use of tools. The cover connects to the pick-up bed so the cargo can be safely transported.

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 The roll cover of Mountain Top is a very functional and good looking bed protection for your pick-up. A roll cover has several locking positions and can easily be operated with a pull rod. It is possible to adjust the speed for opening and closing the roll cover. With use of clamps, the roll cover is firmly attached to the bed of the pick-up. Thanks to the rollcover, the bed of your pick-up remains dry and clean.

Various product options are available for the roll top of Mountain Top:

  • Available with silver strips
  • Available with black strips
  • Available for vehicles where the tailgate can not be closed

In addition to the standard roll covers of Mountain Top, which are made of lightweight aluminum strips, there is also a soft roll cover available. It is not made of aluminium strips but of black vinyl which is attached by Velcro.

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Pick-up bed protection

It can be very useful to apply some extra protection to the bed of your pick-up. When you often transport loads with your pick-up, it may be useful to extra protect the bed of your pick-up against damage. It is possible to protect your pick-up bed by applying a coating, a wooden floor or a full cover of aluminum.

Sidebars en stylingbars

Sidebars made of high-quality stainless steel give your pick-up a rugged, reliable look and have an important protective function. In addition, there are sidebars available with a stepping edge that makes getting in and out of your vehicle easier.

The styling bar is a polished stainless steel bracket that gives a tough look to your pick-up. The styling bar is easy to place on the edge of the bed of your pick-up, so no valuable space is lost on the loading bed.

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